Dr n. med. Radosław Tomalski

Psychiatra, psychoterapeuta, superwizor

Psychiatrist, psychotherapist and supervisor of the Polish Psychiatric Association. He holds the European Certificate of Psychotherapy, certificate in psychotherapy and supervision of the Polish Society for Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, and certificate in Assertive Community Treatment. He is head of the out-patient psychiatric unit in Sosnowiec and also runs his private practice in Katowice. He provides individual and group therapy to adult patients with anxiety disorders, personality disorders and psychosis. He works in the psychodynamic modality. He also teaches courses at the SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities and participates in an accredited psychotherapeutic training provided by the Silesian School of Psychotherapy. He is also involved in an internship programme for psychotherapists at the Feniks Mental Health Centre in Sosnowiec. Apart from his clinical work, he is actively participating in two research projects run at the Research Centre for Trauma & Dissociation, where he provides psychiatric assessment for study participants.

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